Visit a Lexus Tire Centre. Your
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When it is time to talk tires, you’ll see options around every corner. But only the Lexus Tire Centre at your Lexus Dealership offers leading edge tire technology at competitive prices along with the exceptional service and expert knowledge of your Lexus vehicle.

Lexus Tire Store

Take advantage of our easy-to-use Lexus Tire Store. As a Lexus owner, you can use the tool to access and shop for a wide selection of tires for both current and older Lexus models. With up-to-date pricing and ratings information, it’s never been easier to find the right tire for your needs and season.

Lexus Tire Store

Performance Tires

Soft rubber compounds and shallow, narrow tread patterns maximize the rubber touching the road. Typically low-profile, Performance Tires have stiff sidewalls for sharp steering response and firm grip on dry pavement.

  • Sporty appearance and firm ride quality
  • Soft rubber compounds grip the road, but result in faster wear
  • Grooved treads shed water and prevent hydroplaning
  • Low profile can result in increased road noise and firmer, less comfortable ride quality

Winter Tires

Designed to perform optimally in both snowy conditions and cold temperatures, providing the performance and safety you expect. Legally required on all passenger vehicles in Quebec, between December 15th and March 15th.

  • Unidirectional/V-groove tread designs are best at moving slush and snow out of the way
  • Large, open tread blocks with many tiny slits (sipes), cut through deep snow and perform better on wet pavement
  • Specialized, soft tread compounds dig into snow, stick to ice at low temperatures, and contribute to a comfortable ride on cold pavement

All-Season Tires

Good performance in a wide variety of conditions, but as conditions become more extreme, performance is reduced. With harder rubber compounds than Performance tires, they have longer tread life and provide a quieter ride.

  • Longer tread life and quieter ride than performance tires
  • Tread designs provide low rolling resistance and improved fuel efficiency
  • Mid-range aspect ratios provide a balance of ride comfort and nimble handling

Tire Manufacturers

Lexus of Lakeridge offers Canada’s top tire brands.

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